Is your AI Hallucinating?

Reprompt API automatically finds bad AI responses without building an entire eval pipeline.

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Integrating Reprompt is easy. In less than an hour you can be collecting datasets, testing new prompts, and writing custom rules

  • Send your full system prompt and response to the API
  • Checks for hallucinations, non-answers, and generally poor responses
  • Logged and easily searchable
# Python
import requests

response =
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "apiKey": "<YOUR-REPROMPT-API-KEY>"
    "prompt": "<The full chat history or system prompt including RAG context and user input used to generate the response>",
    "response": "<Your AI's Response>",

result = response.json() # {isHallucinated: bool, isBadResponse: bool, reasoning: string}

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Backed by Y Combinator

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